Sparking new ideas and melting hot glass for 230 years, the Nuutajärvi Glass Village is the oldest still running glass village in Finland. This year, 2023, marks the birthday of the village, which is celebrated with fascinating exhibitions, concerts and many other events!

Glass has been manufactured in Nuutajärvi since 1793, longer than anywhere else in Finland. The Glass Village is the home of the largest community of independent glass designers and glassblowers with their own hot shops, studios and galleries in Finland.

Experience Nuutajärvi in your own way – get to know the fascinating cultural heritage of glassblowing, book your own glassblowing experience or a guided tour around the picturesque factory environment. See how the history continues today in the studios and galleries of the contemporary makers and in the glass school. Enjoy the Finnish nature, take a lunch break at the restaurant or relax at a yoga class, while staying comfortably in the village hotel.

The National Board of Antiquities has listed Nuutajärvi as one of the most important cultural environments nationally. The decorative buildings of the village, dating back to the mid-19th century and designed by G.Th. Chiewitz, the most famous architect of his time, are still in active use. The famous Nuutajärvi Glass Museum by artist and professor Kaj Franck, is located in a former brewery that was converted into a museum. Today, the museum still follows Franck’s vision of storytelling and exhibition architecture. The museum operates under the Design Museum of Finland. Guided tours for different sized groups are available in English and Finnish.

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